Our Mission

Our mission

What is the added value of bhobo brush for ...

Our clients:

With our many years of experience and our extensive, specialised knowledge,
we are continually renewing and developing our line of brushes,
so that our clients can also further expand their assortment while focussing on their own mission.
We always create the highest quality and most durable cleaning products,
promise the user a better experience and in this way ensure added value to “dusting”.

Our suppliers:

Bhobo brush builds long-term relationships with its suppliers.
The quality, reliability and service our suppliers guarantee are primordial.
We also never lose sight of a competitive price/quality ratio for our own clients.
We expect great service from our suppliers and we reciprocate with a long-term collaboration and punctual payment.

Our shareholders:

Bhobo brush is a 100% family enterprise and we want to keep it that way.
We strongly believe in the advantage of the flexibility, the short decision-making processes and the non-nonsense attitude that are typical of a family business.
By reinvesting our profits every year, we ensure a stable and healthy structure.

Our team:

Bhobo brush believes that committed employees make better quality products.
In this way, our team contributes to greater customer satisfaction. It is very important to us that our employees are ‘co-workers’,
that they are given enough independence and that they have a voice.
We proactively train our ‘co-workers’ by training them in a versatile way,
by keeping their tasks varied and by letting them manage as much as possible of the entire production process. 


Bhobo brush is firmly rooted locally as a family business in Flanders-Belgium-Europe
and is committed to producing according to the strict local legislation both fiscally and socially.
We proudly distinguish ourselves from the cheaper import products that do not meet these conditions.


Bhobo brush contributes both locally and internationally to a better society.
We keep our production local as much as possible and contribute our share to strong job creation in Flanders.
For outsourcing simple tasks, we opt for collaboration with custom work companies with a strong social commitment in the region (social workplaces),
rather than with companies in low-wage countries without social legislation.
Internationally we also keep the ecological footprint of our products as small as possible by using natural raw materials and FSC wood.
In this way we also maximise the lifespan of our products.

Our vision:

Thanks to “made in Belgium” production on the latest CNC machines,
a committed team and the use of the best natural raw materials,
we produce high-quality brushes, feather dusters and related products,
which upgrade and expand the private label assortment of our clients.

Our values:

At bhobo brush there is one core value that is the most important to us for our products: quality.
Commitment, speed and enthusiasm are the basic pillars our team
and our suppliers satisfy to enable that quality every day.

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