Weeding machines

Learn about our weeding and sweeping brushes for roads and public green areas.

Our Wiederman weeding machine (formerly MVT-390) is the perfect tool when a sweeping machine is too large. The Wiederman weeding machine is the solution for environmentally friendly removal of weeds and moss. Fast, safe and easy. The low weight and extra-large wheels also make this machine very agile. Weeding machines with steel brushes are the best and fastest way to remove weeds. This keeps labour costs for weed removal to a minimum. Energy costs with our machines are also much lower that with machines that have to continuously produce steam or work with an open flame from gas combustion.


  • Light weight (45 kg): A single operator can drive the machine off a trailer
  • Additional handle at the front of the brush machine: Two workers can easily lift the machine out of a van
  • Adjustable brush head position (left or right) for effective weed removal along kerbs
  • Minimum vibration for maximum operating comfort
  • Adjustable pushbar height for ergonomic work posture
  • Folding pushbar for compact transport in a vehicle boot
  • Variable engine speed for adjustable brush speed
  • When the handle is released, the brush stops but not the engine, enabling safe and efficient working
  • Easily cleaned, corrosion resistant aluminium brush head
  • Simple quick-change system for steel cables
  • Integrated automatic choke
  • Extra-wide sweeping width (390 mm)
  • Sturdy rubber dust catcher below the protective cover
  • Protective cover with tip-up section provides maximum protection for the user while allowing brushing along walls and kerbs

Technical specifications:

  • Engine: Briggs & Stratton 161 cc
  • Machine width: 540 mm
  • Sweeping width: 390 mm
  • Speed: 1150– 1800 rpm
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Weeding machines
Weeding machines
Weeding machines
Weeding machines

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